[Empire Orienteering Club]

Blueberry Hill
May 13, 2000

Weather: Warm (70s) and Humid with enough breeze to keep the bugs away.

In addition to standard White and Yellow courses, this event offered a Score-O for the more advanced orienteers. The map was an updated version that included some newer trails (some as new as about two weeks) and added quite a few terrain details, including many one contour hills or depressions.

Since the mapped area is quite small (about 1.2 sq km), I borrowed a format I had seen used at some other clubs' local events which increases the mental challenge a bit and allows for longer courses in a small area without needing a map exchange. Twelve control points were shown on the master map, each worth 10 points. At several of these points was a small piece of map (about 1 cm diameter) showing the location of an additional control worth 20 or 30 points. To earn the additional points, orienteers needed to determine the location and navigate to the control shown on the map piece. To add to the challenge, a 70-point bonus was awarded for finishing in less than 90 minutes. No point penalties were assessed until competitors exceeded 120 minutes. There were 21 controls with a maximum possible score of 400 points including the early finishing bonus.

The turnout wasn't huge, but I think all of the participants enjoyed themselves. Thanks to Janet Tryson for handling registration and Phil and Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Reid Smalley, and Janet and Rob Tryson for helping pick up controls.

-- Glen Tryson

Jo and Ron Farra 25:00  
Jan Jones 43:38  
Ruth Hasler 1:01:18  
Steve and Evan Andriani 1:02:30  
Rob Tryson (Bike - 2nd course) 17:43  
Rob Tryson 32:44  
Beth Parker Group 41:08  
Bruce and Daria O'Neill 50:26  
Phil Hawkes-Teeter 1:28:26 370
Janet Tryson 1:28:09 300
Sue Hawkes-Teeter 1:19:32 190
R.M. Lange 1:55:35 190
Marty Hawkes-Teeter 0:52:59 180
Reid Smalley OVT 0

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