[Empire Orienteering Club]

Five Rivers
September 17, 2000

There had been dire forecasts of clouds, rain, and cold temperatures. But September 17 proved that weather forecasting is still an inexact science, as we had sunny skies and 70 degrees for the first meet of the orienteering season. This perfect autumn day drew a good-sized crowd of some 60 participants to the Five Rivers Environmental Education Center. There were representatives from three Boy Scout troops, several newcomers, lots of families, and most of the "regulars". A soggy summer and early fall had left some trails and many fields quite wet, but no one seemed to mind too much. Phil had labored endless hours creating a new color map which provided the opportunity to venture into new territory. Some of that new territory was a little "green", but, trust me, the really thick part of the map was not used, so it could have been a lot worse. Everything seemed to be properly placed; however, in retrospect, we probably should not have used the SE edge of the marsh, as the mapping was not precise enough in that area. Apologies to any who wasted time or never found that one. We had a few nervous moments when we realized that some Boy Scouts had evidently orienteered themselves right off the map; but they returned after relocating on their own (signs of promising orienteers) and worked their way back, none the worse for wear.

Thanks to Five Rivers for being so accommodating; to the Reeds and Trysons for helping to collect controls; and to Phil for the great map and assistance on the red/green course. See you all at the next meet at Grafton.

-- Sue Hawkes-Teeter

White Course
7 Controls, 1.836k
Individuals J. Braunstein 33:30
Steven Rose 35:00
Matt Varney 56:00
Ruth Hasler 96:14
Groups Bobby Varney & Dad 25:50
Liz Gee Group 34:35
Alan Dunlavey & Mom 38:00
Marci Kolyvek Group 40:40
Luke Brown Group 42:44
Justin Lewis & Dad 47:00
Kathleen Rose & Mom 49:00
Eric Conover Group (Troop 50) 60:00
Ryan Dubowsky Group 83:47
Liz Hudson Group 113:00
Yellow Course
9 Controls, 2.793k
Individuals Brian Rose 35:25
Gary Emery 35:54
Gil Kusler 87:44
Groups Liz Gee Group 79:13
O'Neill Family Group 83:15
Maria & Leila Group 89:00
Staats Family Group HFA
Orange Course
8 Controls, 3.715k
  Jim Rose 48:08
Reid Smalley Group 97:00
Red-Green Course
10 Controls, 4.862k
Females Rita Reed 90:20
Janet Tryson 115:44
Males Glen Tryson 47:47
Laszlo Kolyvek 58:16
Robert Reed 65:13
Robert Lange 96:11
Pat Dunlavey HFA

A Boy Scout hustles home Another Scout finishes strong Liz Gee and Jamie Carr (Girl Scout Troop 336) both smile as they finish
Janet Tryson, competing with an injured ankle, still guts it on in, followed by Reid SmalleyLaszlo Kolyvek reads his map as he takes off for the 1st Control

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