[Empire Orienteering Club]

Grafton Lakes State Park
October 9, 2000

The awesome beauty of fall foliage is peaking as we make final preparations the day before the meet. Snow is questionably in the forecast however, and we decide to hang the majority of the controls on Sunday so as to avoid leaving telltale footprints. We manage to accomplish this and exit the park a little before dusk, with chilly air settling in. We wonder how many people will brave the cold, breezy, lake air on Monday.

The sun is shining as we approach Grafton on Monday morning. The threat of snow is gone, for now at least. Morning preparations take a bit longer than hoped, but by a few minutes before 10:00 am, we have donned our polar fleece coats and pants, shielded them with a layer of Gore-Tex, and are ready to go! With temperature in the 30's, the first participants arrive and are eager to begin on the white and yellow courses. Over the next couple of hours we see lots of orienteers, lots and lots of white and yellow course enthusiasts, and lots and lots and lots of groups. By the end of the day, registration logs in 105 orienteers of all ages, and 49 individuals/groups start and finish on the various courses! No wonder it seems like many people are coming and going!! We learn that a record is broken for this day - which is that the temperature turns out to be the coldest 'high' on record for this day in history! We suspect another record is broken - and that is the wonderful turnout of 105 participants at a local EMPO meet!!

As far as the snow goes, we don't escape it completely. On Tuesday, for completion of control pick-up, we witness Grafton's winter beauty. The ground is graced with a thin, pristine white layer, the foliage accented with a frosting of snow, and the controls artfully decorated with a light icy topping. Absolutely outstanding!

Grafton is such a beautiful place, the woods a perfect orienteering experience. What a superb way to get out, be challenged, and enjoy some of the many benefits of the state park.

-- Robert & Rita Reed

Grafton Lakes Meet Director Rob Reed heads to the Finish at the Five Rivers Meet

White Course
9 Controls, 1.7k, 20m climb
Marci Kolyvek (Group of 3) 31:05
Lois Carr (Group of 2) 31:08
Alan & Mom Dunlavey (Group of 2) 32:26
Liz Gee # 3 (Group of 2) 34:15
Liz Gee # 1 (Group of 2) 37:28
Cindy Tripp 45:13
Christine Mattison (Group of 5) 46:53
Ryan & Ben, T-50 (Group of 3) 60:38
Maria Dunlavey/Leila Crawford 60:40
Frank Healy (Group of 6) 69:35
Jamie Carr (Liz Gee#2) (Group of 3) 75:00
Evan DeMatteo HFA
Yellow Course
12 Controls, 3.0k, 50m climb
Marty Hawkes-Teeter 29:44
Michelle Barnes & Tayler (Group of 2) 43:17
Jackie DeMaio (Group of 5) 52:03
Cathy & Ray Saladis (Group of 2) 54:54
Staats/Kirsch (Group of 5) 62:00
Rob Tryson 63:55
Cindy Tripp (2nd course) 65:47
Rene Stellato (Group of 6) 70:39
Lois Carr (Group of 2) (2nd course) 79:30
Beams Family (Group of 4) 80:47
Vickmon Staats (Group of ?) 81:32
Levesque Family (Group of 3) 92:09
Bruce, Daria, Ana O'Neill (Group of 3) 97:20
Mary Hall (Group of 6) 111:48
Jamie Carr (Liz Gee #2) (Group of 4) (2nd course) 120:00
Liz Gee # 1 (Group of 3) (2nd course) 122:40
Kathleen Rose (Group of 2) HFA
Jim Hall (Group of 4) HFA
Trudi Renwick (Group of 2) HFA
Orange Course
9 Controls, 4.5k, 65m climb
Jim Rose 91:35
Janet Tryson 117:13
Steven Perog (Group of 3) 171:27
Brian Rose (Group of 4) HFA
Green Course
9 Controls, 5.0k, 135m climb
Glen Tryson 72:11
Stina Bridgeman 102:48
Rick Kline 117:31
Sue Hawkes-Teeter 140:36
Pat and Bobbie O'Neil 181:14
Dick Curtis (Group of 2) 181:30
Red Course
14 Controls, 6.8k, 155m climb
Grant Staats 68:40
Scott Pleban 79:22
Pat Dunlavey 90:36
Laszlo Kolyvek 91:16
Phil Hawkes-Teeter 108:37
Kevin Matocha 160:23
Nancy Allen 165:47
Robert Lange 180:00

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