[Empire Orienteering Club]

Kinns Road
March 24, 2001

Better than expected weather, fewer than expected entrants - this is the brief recap of the first EMPO meet in 2001. Hopefully, those who did come out enjoyed the courses and were reinforced that no matter what, orienteering is a fun thing to do.

-- Laszlo

Beginners Meet At Kinns Road

It is always hard to anticipate exactly when Spring will break here in the Capital District. And it is particularly hard to do so in January, when planning for the EMPO 2001 schedule began. This planning always involves working around many constraints, and this year one of them was the desire to have the first local event held in advance of the US Interscholastic Champs, so that area competitors would have an opportunity to do at least one race before trying to win a national title. That meant the first meet had to be in March, and this year for a change, that meant there was still snow on the ground.

Advertising for the meet had announced that entrants could either run or ski the courses, but the weather on the day of the meet was actually quite nice. Most of those who came ended up going out on foot, but a few diehard skiers, and one snowshoer, did try the offered alternative modes of transportation, though it doesn't appear this was faster.

The kids who would be going on to the Interscholastics all finished their courses successfully, and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Laszlo Kolyvek for directing his first EMPO Meet, and to the Sweets and Eric Hamilton for providing their help and advice.

-- Phil Hawkes-Teeter

White Course
9 controls, 1.56km / 18m climb
Koppany Kolyvek & Agnes Hunyady0:43:00
Rob Farrell & Sons0:55:55
Louise Alberti & Sari Bobok et al.1:09:05
Cheryl & Cindy Thurber1:15:52
Geoffrey Gurzler (Ski-O)1:10:05 HFA
Jim Walsh & Family1:20:41 HFA
Yellow Course
13 controls, 2.56km / 45m climb
Kris Geist0:33:40
Justin Malinowski & Scott George0:41:30
Jack Norray0:43:11
Sean Wolfe0:45:22
Eric Hamilton (Ski-O)0:47:00
Sue Hawkes-Teeter0:47:34
Sarah Domermath1:07:03
Orange Course
16 controls, 3.84km / 96m climb
Glen Tryson0:40:03
Steven Sweet II.0:41:45
Steven Sweet0:52:32
Bryan Sweet0:56:18
Janet Tryson1:04:49
Ellie George (Snowshoe-O)1:09:58
Jacob Gurzler1:05:28 HFA
5 stickers per course
Marci Kolyvek60 stickers
Sari Bobok5 stickers
Koppany Kolyvek5 stickers
Julien Schlemmer5 stickers

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