[Empire Orienteering Club]

Colonie Town Park
May 6, 2001


Weather: Upper 60's, sunny, slight breeze, no bugs, beautiful!

Participants: 51 total including about 24(!) newcomers; 38 separate starts

EMPO's first National O Day went very smoothly with plenty of help from club members and several local Boy Scouts, who were able to complete requirements for their First Class rank. Ten scouts and 3 leaders completed courses. We had about two dozen newcomers attend our event including two young men who quickly progressed to Orange/Intermediate. One of them came to prepare for the orienteering segment of an upcoming Adventure Race. A number of other competitors completed more than one course as well. Beyond some confusion at a mapped intersection on the white course, which was less obvious in the terrain, I believe all were very satisfied with the courses, designed and set by Glen Tryson, which took them on a tour of this small park that overlooks the Mohawk River.

We also appreciate the support and helpfulness of Colonie Town Park, particularly Laurie McGill who facilitated getting permission to use the park, and maintenance worker John, who provided us with a picnic table and trash baskets, and opened the park gate and bathrooms for our convenience.

Sponsors: Thanks to the support of the Brunton Company (www.brunton.com), we were able to raffle 5 compasses among our newcomers. Winners of the drawings were: Matt Rimmer, Karen Krause, Joe Sobel, Eric Huss, Brian Shea. The Maptech Co. has promised us Topo CD's to raffle, which will be done when they arrive. Brunton also supplied the National O Day banner that greeted competitors and the red NOD caps worn by meet workers.

Many thanks to our volunteers:

  • Boy Scouts Steve Rose, Ryan Dubowsky & Ben Mininberg, who helped with instruction, string-O and results
  • Reid Smalley -- registration
  • Robert Reed -- newcomer instruction
  • Reid Smalley and Robert Reed -- control pick-up
  • Glen Tryson -- course setter, start & finish

--Janet Tryson, meet director

First-time Orienteers the Madisons are congratulated by Course-setter and Start/Finish controller Glen Tryson as he looks over their punchcard.

White Course
10 controls, 1.7km
Maria Dunlavey 20:03
Rob Tryson 20:12
*Dylan Thomarie 24:32
Kathleen Rose & *Mike 30:34
Mike Mogaza *group 31:51
Tom Madison group 32:55
Alan Dunlavey & mom 34:31
Tom Fitzgerald 39:29
Marci Kolyvek *group 43:26
*Matt Rimmer 56:55
*Brian Shea group 73:40
Yellow Course
10 controls, 2.3km
*Dylan Thomarie (2nd course) 19:57
Agnes Hunyady 24:24
*Eric Huss 26:27
Sue Gunkel & *Karen Krause 50:15
*Dan & *Joe Sobel 88:55
James Torriani 110:56
Tom Lovely & *Troop 50 Grp. 122:25
Ryan Dubowsky/Ben Mininberg DNF
Orange Course
14 controls, 3.9km
Marty Hawkes-Teeter 44:47
Pat Dunlavey 47:21
Greg Tryson 51:18
Heather Williams 56:58
*Eric Huss (2nd course) 60:33
Brian Rose 87:05
*Dylan Thomarie (3rd course) 89:00
Przedwiecki group 111:49
*Karen Krause & Sue Gunkel 122:11
Verna Engstrom-Heg 174:31
Rob Tryson DNF
Green-Red Course
20 controls, 5.8km
(map exchange)
Laszlo Kolyvek 56:15
Phil Hawkes-Teeter 60:48
Robert Reed 71:36
Robert Lange 104:36
Jim Rose 116:33
Kevin Matocha 127:11
Reid Smalley 127:26
Lee Pedersen 181:59
Sue Hawkes-Teeter HTL**

* newcomers
** had to leave to take her son to a recital :)

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