[Empire Orienteering Club]

Norray Farm
June 9, 2001

White Course
8 controls, 1.75km / 39m climb
Marci Kolyvek Group40:50
Teresa Marzec Group42:20
Kathleen Rose Group47:45
Christine Cole Group54:10
Richard Hihn Group58:15
Yellow Course
9 controls, 2.25km / 39m climb
Tom Madison Group46:06
Ashley Willsey56:06
James TorrianiHFA
Orange Course
10 controls, 3.25km / 60m climb
Gerry Marzec88:02
Rob TrysonHFA
Brian RoseHFA
Green Course
10 Controls, 4.4k, 84m climb
Marty Hawkes-TeeterHFA
Red Course
12 Controls, 5.2k, 99m climb

GIF, 309K
Glen Tryson56:37
Laszlo Kolyvek56:50
Gabor Bobok62:11
Peter Dady67:53
Robert Lange97:14
Janet Tryson97:50
Eric Hamilton109:20
Greg Tryson110:55
Glen Tryson finishing Ashley Willsey finishing
Kids finish (from the back/left): Christina Cole, one small Kolyvek, the other small Kolyvek, Michelle Marzec
The EMPO meeting (after the meet) shows (from left): Rob Tryson, Glen Tryson, Janet Tryson, Laszlo Kolyvek, Kolyvek family elder/friend/helper?, Marci Kolyvek, Sue Hawkes-Teeter, youngest Kolyvek

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