[Empire Orienteering Club]

Blueberry Hill
March 30, 2002

The weather was "questionable", but it actually turned out to be pretty nice. And once again, Meet Director Glen Tryson came up with a new twist for those who have run on this smaller map before: the Green Course maps had none of the Trails shown on them, so anyone who thought they were "Advanced" really had to work very hard (mentally) to keep track of where they were at all times. I know that I personally found this very challenging on a couple of controls, one of which ended up taking me a large percentage of my total time on the course. But it was a great training exercise, as well as being just fun to try to figure it all out.

-- Phil Hawkes-Teeter

White Course
Anna Kusler & Rachael Viscio Gp 0:17:40
Danielle Willsey & Anna Gp 0:27:09
Marci Kolyvek Gp 0:27:44
Kathleen Rose & Liz Gp 0:28:53
Yellow Course
Rob Tryson M 0:25:20
Mariana Bartonicek F 0:30:13
Agnes Hunyady F 0:30:16
Christina Cole F 0:45:20
Matt Hotopp Gp 0:46:32
O'Neill Gp 0:53:05
Orange Course
Caleb Cramer M 0:48:12
R.M. Lange M 1:12:12
Dylan Thomarie M 1:19:27
Jim & Brian Rose Gp 1:21:32
Alexander Phillipson M 1:26:27
Tim Colston M 1:30:15
Mariana Bartonicek Gp 1:40:55
Sue Atwood F 2:00:06
Ashley Willsey F 2:00:30
Reid Smalley Gp 2:12:42
Paul Guskie Gp 2:25:05
Green Course
Scott Pleban M 0:47:38
Laszlo Kolyvek M 0:55:34
Phil Hawkes-Teeter M 1:00:32
Marty Hawkes-Teeter M 1:08:55
Janet Tryson F 1:12:02
Eric Hamilton M 1:47:46
Sue Hawkes-Teeter
(*7 controls)
F 1:16:50

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