[Empire Orienteering Club]

Crandall Park
February 2, 2002

We had a fine turnout, and a lot of fun. When you look at the table, you will see that there were some "Penalty" minutes given, which definitely had an impact upon the results. In case you missed it, this was an "As You Go" race, where you learn at the control you are punching which one is your next control. It might not sound hard, but many people had a tough time keeping the correct next control in their minds. Because this was different, Aims didn't DSQ anyone for making an error and missing a control, but there was a large penalty of 20 minutes for each one you missed. Of course if you missed early, you would be thrown way off and could do the rest correctly but still be well short of the correct number, as happened to a few.

Anyway, the skiing was surprisingly good, and the weather was warm enough to actually hang out and chat around the Finish line afterwards, which made for a good time for all.

- Phil Hawkes-Teeter

Jack Norray, out on the trail
Marty Hawkes-Teeter at the start
Rachel Wright finishes
Anna Kusler punches PP

Distances are "shortest skiable route" or "optimal route" distances, not "straight line" distances.

Course Class Penalty Total Time
Katie Coney Female Scholastic  0:24:18
Joanne Sweet Recreational  0:40:20
Mariana Bartonicek Female Scholastic 0:20 0:40:24
Anna Kusler Female Scholastic  0:47:00
Rachel Wright Female Scholastic  0:51:56
Michael George Male Scholastic  0:22:09
Bryan Sweet Male Scholastic  0:22:23
Marty Hawkes-Teeter Male Scholastic  0:29:29
Jack Norray III Male Scholastic  0:41:13
Dane Smith Male Scholastic  0:45:07
Jason Norray Male Scholastic  0:55:45
William Frielinghaus Male Scholastic  1:03:32
Bill Ellsworth Recreational  1:16:39
Elizabeth Hane Recreational  1:18:59
David Ellsworth Male Scholastic  1:21:34
Brian Ellsworth Male Scholastic  1:37:08
Michelle Barnes Female Open  0:48:30
Stina Bridgeman Recreational  1:00:58
Jack Norray Jr Recreational  1:09:17
Nancy Allen Female Master  1:11:30
Sue Hawkes-Teeter Female Master  1:13:21
George Hawes Recreational  1:29:40
Maria Rinella Female Master  1:41:44
Betsy Hawes Female Master  1:44:32
Mary Ann Ellsworth Female Master  2:00:52
Beth Gursler Female Open 2:20 3:25:00
Scott Pleban Male Open  0:39:05
Steve Halasz Male Open  0:54:44
Phil Hawkes-Teeter Male Master  0:59:40
Steve Sweet Male Master  1:01:31
Eric Hamilton Male Open  1:04:10
J-J Cote Recreational  1:12:13
Bill Jameson Male Master  1:20:59
Chris Frielinghaus Recreational 0:40 1:23:19
Terry Myers Female Master  1:26:21
Eric Phillips Male Open  1:28:01
James Russell Male Master  1:39:41
Vinnie Rinella Male Master 0:20 2:27:36
Tom Wright Male Master 1:20 2:55:47
Candice Raines Recreational 3:00 3:30:56

Jason Norray starts
Bill Jameson finishes Mariana Bartonicek punches GG
David Ellsworth out on the trail Chris Frielinghaus punches GG
Mariana Bartonicek at the start Steve Sweet Sr finishes

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