[Empire Orienteering Club]

Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
September 21, 2003

National Orienteering Day (NOD) weekend was an exceptional weekend in the Northeast to spend outdoors on orienteering courses. The plentiful sunshine and warm temperatures encouraged many to join us for the day. EMPO held their third NOD event on Sunday, September 21, and had a wonderful turnout on the beginner and advanced beginner courses, which saw about 70% of the total participation. AND we signed up 5 new members or member families!

As part of the NOD "celebration," we held a raffle of the sponsor prizes among all participants, giving away a cap and four compasses donated by Brunton (brunton.com), and two 50 Highest Peaks--Map CD's donated by Maptech (www.maptech.com). The following participants won prizes:
Compasses: Terri Brew, Joey Ulmer, Colin McLean and EMPO member Ana O'Neill
CD's: Carl Wiedemann and Gabriel Holodak
Hat: Jodi Rosa

As an added bonus, a reporter and cameraman from the NBC-affiliated local TV station, WNYT-Channel 13, arrived at the start of registration and conducted some interviews and filmed footage for a segment shown on that evening's 6 o'clock news broadcast! The following members enjoyed "15 seconds" of fame: Stephen & Brian Samela, Anna Kusler, Rob & Rita Reed, Bob Goodwin, Marty Hawkes-Teeter, Glenn & Michele Orlosky, and Janet Tryson. I hope it turns out to be good advertising for our club's future events. Thanks to Elizabeth Scarborough & cameraman John from Channel 13 for coming to show the Albany area what orienteering is all about! In any case, a lot of newcomers discovered orienteering, and everyone had a great time in a lovely park.

Special thanks to:
Course setter: Glen Tryson
Set-up: Glenn & Michele Orlosky, Rob Tryson
Registration: Rita Reed & Janet Tryson
Start and Finish: Glen Tryson
Instruction: Robert Reed, Bob Goodwin, Janet Tryson
Control Pickup: The O'Neill family, Robert & Rita Reed, Sue & Marty Hawkes-Teeter, Rob & Janet Tryson
Results: Janet & Glen Tryson

White Course
1.63km, 9 controls
Anne Lowe group 19:42
Marci Kolyvek26:56
Koppany Kolyvek group28:39
Mark Bagdon group38:01
Erich Lowe group39:42
Katherine Scheib group40:00
Patricia Coates group52:20
Yellow Course
2.17km, 10 controls
Anna Kusler26:53
Stephen Samela27:49
Deb Batcher group33:46
Jessica Loy 37:42
Mulhern group40:10
Dorey Olmer42:33
Anne Lowe group44:08
Erich Lowe group44:31
Jim & Connie Turner46:50
Verna Engstrom-Heg47:22
Tom Fitzgerald group47:54
McLean group47:54
Kiana Studler group50:40
Martin Anneling group59:14
The Van Ryns61:01
Felix Rosa group61:26
O'Neill group68:42
Cheryl Bielkiewicz group69:21
Margaret Rusch72:45
Melissa Trout group74:10
Orange Course
4.3km, 13 controls
Marty Hawkes-Teeter36:29
Robert Canham family79:02
Zach Holbus/Melissa Reese87:06
Beth Gurzler97:35
Samela group121:29
Jim & Connie Turner131:47
Green Course
5.14km, 17 controls
Cristina Luis78:25
R.M. Lange96:20
Rita Reed96:49
Bob Goodwin108:36
Susan Hawkes-Teeter109:36
Reid Smalley132:31
John Lawrence group140:31
Andrew Tobin group151:58
Nancy Payne & Fran Martino180:00+
Rob TrysonHFA
Red Course
6.78km, 19 controls
Laszlo Kolyvek52:22
Gabor Bobok60:01
Robert Reed75:36
Mike Hartnett102:10
Glenn Orlosky137:03
Michele Orlosky137:03

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