[Empire Orienteering Club]

Moreau Lake State Park
November 9, 2003

Club Championships

It was a bright, crisp, cool fall day at Moreau Lake State Park as EMPO members, friends, and others braved temperatures in the upper 30's for the 2003 Club Championships. For the first time in club history, we had eligible members in 14 of the 16 championship categories! Congratulations to all of this year's champs; we hope to see you back next year.

While I've participated in many events, and helped out at quite a few, this was my first time designing the courses and hanging the markers. I learned what I did right and what I could have done better. I underestimated the time it would take me to hang all the advanced control flags and apologize for the slight delay. And I'll try to do even better next time. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the courses.

The seven courses offered on Sunday (beginner, advanced-beginner, intermediate, and four advanced courses of different lengths) are all the ones offered at a typical US "A-meet," where participants come from all over the country to compete. EMPO will hold one day of an A-meet at the end of October, 2004 at Thacher Park on a new, expanded version of that map. We hope you can all attend, and maybe even volunteer to help out.

Many thanks to my helpers:

  • Glen Tryson, who hung the White/Yellow course markers
  • Rob Tryson & Eric Hamilton, who helped set up
  • Glen again, for early registration, then starts/finish
  • Bruce O'Neill and his nephew, who picked up the White/Yellow control flags
  • Bob Goodwin, Phil & Marty Hawkes-Teeter, Glen & Rob Tryson who picked up the rest
  • And finally, thanks to the staff at Moreau, particularly Park Manager Michael Greenslade, and workers Kevin and Kyriel, for their help and understanding.

-- Janet Tryson

           Name           Champs CategoryTimeEMPO Champ
White Course
Stephen Samela M12 0:19:12 X
Steph Venerus Group (2)  0:29:07 
Cub Pack 64-B. Brizzel  0:36:10 
Cub Pack 64-M. Zabinski  0:36:10 
Cub Pack 64-G. Henzel  0:47:20 
Warren Willsey/Carol King  0:50:52 
Yellow Course
Anna Kusler F15 0:40:56 X
Brian & Stephen Samela Group  0:41:33 
O'Neill Group (4)  0:53:52 
Richard Knight Group (4)  1:32:47 
Orange Course
Rob Tryson M18 1:08:34 X
Ashley Willsey F18 1:32:39 X
Zoufaly Group (4)  1:49:30 
Kristen Canham Group (3)  1:52:08 
Melissa Trout  1:56:15 
Deb Batcher Group (3)  2:04:05 
Peter McKenna Group (2)  2:41:00 
Brian Samela  DNF 
Brown Course
Terry Hatton  0:59:47 
Mariana Bartonicek F20 1:09:37 X
Sue Hawkes-Teeter  1:26:52 
Nancy Payne F55 2:12:36 X
Green Course
Bob Goodwin M55 1:24:49 X
Rita Reed F45 1:36:14 X
Eric Hamilton M55 1:42:00 2nd
Sam Carlson M20 2:01:45 2nd
Beth Gurzler F35 2:23:59 X
Red Course
Glen Tryson M45 1:09:39 X
Phil Hawkes-Teeter M45 1:13:09 2nd
Marty Hawkes-Teeter M20 1:24:25 X
Rob Reed M45 1:24:55 
Cristina Luis F21 1:44:35 X
Robert Canham  1:56:32 
Andy Chillrud M35 2:13:29 X
Candace Raines F21 2:16:26 2nd
Robert Lange M45 2:18:51 
Andrea Tobin F21 DNF 
Blue Course
Laszlo Kolyvek M21 1:14:49 X
Chuck Tobin M21 2:51:30 2nd

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