[Empire Orienteering Club]

Five Rivers
January 24, 2004

It was a brisk, but perfectly clear, winter's day for the first EMPO snowshoe-o. It was only minus 10 when I left for Five Rivers at 7:45, but it warmed up to about 12 during the afternoon with a moderate wind. Although billed as a snowshoe-o, it really was faster to run rather than use snowshoes, as the snow was well-packed. Because of the cold, I was unsure what to expect for a turnout, but was pleasantly surprised when 13 hardy souls, including two from other states, went out to experience a beautiful winter's day. Other than a control possibly placed on the wrong nearby rootstock, the event went off quite smoothly. Nancy Payne of Five Rivers couldn't have been more accommodating, allowing us to use a spacious warm room inside for registration, and offering snowshoes for a modest rental fee. People really seemed to enjoy the event, so we may try to incorporate something like this into our winter schedule for next year. Thanks to all the enthusiastic orienteers for coming out.

-Sue H-T

1 Glen Tryson 185 56:05 185 (on foot)
2 Phil Hawkes-Teeter 160 63:00 130 (on foot)
3 Jon Howes 110 54:15 110 (snowshoes)
4 Kathleen Fisher 70 60:00 70 (on foot)
5 Melissa & John Behr 55 60:00 55 (one on foot, one on snowshoes)
6 David & Jessica Anspacher 50 62:00 30 (on foot)
7 Candice Raines 65 65:00 15 (on foot)
8 Perog Family 70 83:00 0 (on foot)

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