[Empire Orienteering Club]

Norray Farm
May 8, 2004

Regular Courses

WillseyDanielle 0:34:53
ConroyHannah 0:38:04
Cooper Group(4)Craig 1:15:31
Stevens Group(4)Marjorie 1:17:00
HattonTerry 1:17:35
ReedRita 1:25:41
LangeRobert 1:28:35
WrightRobert 1:39:45
RajczewskiJack 2:00:00
GurzlerBeth 2:07:47
GurzlerSteve 2:18:20
RecuencoSergio OVT
WilliamsChris DNF
KolyvekLaszlo 0:45:21
TrysonGlen 1:04:50
LopezSantiago 1:51:10
SmalleyReid OVT


Scrabble-O courses were determined by the points for the word created, with ties broken by fastest time.

Zdunczyk Group(3)David 1:28:4219
Christoffel Group(3)Ann 1:25:0616
Peeters Group(4)Dan 0:41:0714
WilliamsChris 0:52:3514
Nicolai Group(4)Diane 1:23:2713
Bagnato Group(2)Stefan 1:33:15OVT (16)
Fisher Group(2)Kathy 1:51:19OVT (15)
TrysonJanet 0:44:5219
WillseyAshley 0:44:0616
KuslerAnna 0:46:40OVT (12)

Instructions at the Start

Scout group figures their route

I think it's this way

Beth starts off

Janet decides on her word and route

Glen starts and studies

Glen picks up the pace

Reid reads

This way to our first letter

Terry heads towards #1

Anna runs for another letter

Heading back from the bridge

Bob Wright punches at the earth bank

Almost at the end

Team run to the finish

Terry finishes

Running to stop the clock

Arrival at the line

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