[Empire Orienteering Club]

Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
May 15, 2005

The morning of Sunday, May 15th was a bit on the wet and drippy side, though not a soaker, and that may have kept the turnout low. By the time the first competitors departed the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to peek out, and the rest of the day was beautiful. The trails were a little on the sloppy side in places, and you were sure to get wet legs if you went off the trails (as for the advanced and sprint courses).

As the Trysons have been enjoying the Sprint Series this year (see http://users.crocker.com/~pg/team/sprintseriesinfo.html for more information), course setter Glen Tryson decided to design two sprints, in addition to standard courses, to try to attract orienteers from other areas, and he succeeded. In addition to a number of regular members, some daring boy scouts, and several newcomer groups, the sprints attracted some members of Hudson Valley Orienteering Club, and one from the Bay Area Orienteering Club in California! A couple of intrepid EMPO members who hadn't run a sprint course before gave it a try as well.

We'd like to thank Bob Lange and Robert and Rita Reed for all their help with registration set up and beginner instructions, and Sue Hawkes-Teeter and Rob Tryson for helping with control pick-up.

- Glen and Janet Tryson

1.84 km, 9 controls
Kim SchoeningGroup32:00
Shoshanna & Rachael Maniscalco (NEOC-WM)Group40:41
2.99 km, 8 controls
Melissa BehrGroup25:14
Gil Kusler 28:07
Kevin & Sharon GetmanGroup57:08
Wettergreen FamilyGroup58:48
Diane CarpenterGroup80:45
4.19 km, 10 controls
Bruce Beesley 47:45
R.M. LangeM50+48:35
Cynthia Johnson 77:06
5.94 km, 16 controls
Daniel Schaublin (HVO) (3rd course)M45+41:35
Krista Canham FamilyGroup122:35
Sprint 1
3.11 km, 12 controls
John Frederickson (HVO)M-2017:44
Daniel Schaublin (HVO)M45+20:26
Rex Winterbottom (BAOC) 21:07
Rob TrysonM-1825:31
Rob ReedM50+29:27
Janet TrysonF50+33:37
Rita ReedF50+42:08
Sprint 2
2.69 km, 11 controls
John Frederickson (HVO)M-2016:10
Daniel Schaublin (HVO)M45+18:38
Rex Winterbottom (BAOC) 18:45
Rob TrysonM-1829:51
Janet TrysonF50+33:32

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