[Empire Orienteering Club]

Tawasentha Park
September 11, 2005

We had just about perfect weather for EMPO's first event of the Fall season at Tawasentha Park. The turnout was so terrific we had to scramble to create a few additional Yellow course maps. However, there was one very unfortunate problem with a hornet nest near one of the controls. A couple of folks received many stings, while a few others received one or two.

As soon as word got back to the Start area, every subsequent starter was warned, and allowed to skip that control if they encountered any signs of hornet activity, or were just too concerned, due to allergies or whatever. Evidently the current weather has been very conducive to hornet development, as others reported encountering other hornet nests, though fortunately they did not get stung. While no sting to anyone is ever a happy event, a person who has an allergy to them should be sure to be prepared. EMPO's First Aid kit includes Benadryl and ice packs, which can help, but since we are not Doctors we cannot prescribe what you should do. If you have an allergy, you should always have appropriate medicine along with you.

But beyond that unhappy problem, everything went well, and there were many thanks directed to our first time Meet Director (Gabor Bobok) for the interesting courses he set. You too could try your hand at course setting and meet directing. EMPO is trying to grow, and part of that is to uncover more people who are willing to spend the time to create courses. The Club will support you all along the way, so don't be shy. And, in my opinion, working to set courses is one of the surest ways to really begin to understand the courses on which you try to run.

- Phil Hawkes-Teeter

1.53 km
Paul Dieterle18:20
Danielle Willsey25:30
Cheryl Bielkiewicz group37:05
Bobok family39:00
Ratzkin family41:00
Beesley group55:10
2.3 km
Danielle Willsey
(2nd course)
Sue Hawkes-Teeter31:50
Gil Kusler36:35
Hannah Conroy group40:23
Christoffel parent group42:20
Christoffel child group47:30
Anderson family51:50
David Zdunczyk56:35
Rebecca Cigal group63:20
O'Neill family68:10
Daviero family80:20
James Torriani86:00
Connie Turner94:40
Charles DieterleDNF
4.3 km
Bruce Beesley47:30
Anna Kusler52:55
Melissa Behr group65:55
Stuart Poole72:10
Marsan family78:50
Amy Conway82:30
5 km
Rita Reed81:10
Bob Lange86:20
Reid Smalley120:54
Jack Rajczewski126:18
Istvan Fellegi147:10
Bob Feller group179:10
6.1 km
Robert Reed85:03
Keith Burdette122:40
Robert Canham groupDNF
Sprint for the finish!
Happy finishers. (Ratzkin family)  
Istvan Fellegi Bob Lange Sue Hawkes-Teeter
Even dogs enjoy orienteering... (Behr group)

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