[Empire Orienteering Club]

Schenectady Museum Nature Preserve
October 23, 2005

Another club championships at Schenectady Museum? Sure, why not? It's a nice little park. And what's wrong with a little rain, anyway? In fact, most of the rain stopped Sunday morning and it was a great day for "O."

On Sunday there were 16 hardy individuals and 3 groups, and from them we named 9 club champs out of 16 possible categories (we need more families!)*. As this was my second attempt at course setting. I took lessons from my first time (Moreau, 2003) and tried to improve. There were no complaints about the courses or control placement so I think I was successful.

Thanks go to Jim Rose, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, and Glen Tryson for control pickup, and to Glen for help setting up registration (and other moral support). Congratulations to the 2005 champs!

- Janet Tryson, Course Setter/Meet Director

1.7km, 9 controls
Linda Rose 36:42  
Kathleen Rose 1:24:20 F-12
Paul Dieterle 1:27:43 M-12
2.34km, 9 controls
Bagnato group 47:20  
Robert Canham group 52:20  
Charles Dieterle 55:20 M-15
Rubia Khalak group 1:45:48  
3.76km, 13 controls
Kathy Fisher 1:45:30  
4.83km, 19 controls
Marty Hawkes-Teeter* 0:49:57 M-20
Phil Hawkes-Teeter 1:12:08 M55+
William Kennerly 1:15:12  
Melissa Behr 1:36:55 F35+
Bob Lange 1:44:38 (2nd M55+)
Bruce Beesley 1:44:48  
Sue Hawkes-Teeter 1:50:30 F45+
Eric Hamilton 1:54:46 (3rd M55+)
6.03km, 24 controls
Glen Tryson 1:01:56 M-21-
Andy Chillrud 1:43:02 M45+
Candice Raines 2:38:53 F-21-
Thayer Raines 2:48:36 (2nd M45+)

* Marty Hawkes-Teeter, who had to fly back to college Saturday afternoon and thus couldn't take part on Sunday, was brave enough to go out in the rain Saturday morning and find the streamers I had hung for the Green course controls. As the only competitor on M-20, he's the new club champ for that age group.

Kids converge on the GO control
Glen Tryson dashes to the finish
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