[Empire Orienteering Club]

Thacher State Park
April 30, 2006

The Sunday Recreational component of the A-meet Thacher/Camp Pinnacle weekend offered newcomers and several experienced orienteers a great alternative to the Short and Long-O Courses.

Attendance totaled 41, including 39 participants and two nearly invisible shadows. Excitement and enthusiasm was fairly rampant among the novices. The Liz Gordon group completed the beginner course, left for a brief recess for lunch, and returned to successfully tackle yellow.

With some prior experience, yet, only six years of age, Ethan Hall impressed us with his attention to detail in filling out his punch card, entering the respective control numbers in each space. His mother Kristin shadowed him as he navigated the white course. Young Elizabeth Harkavy with her shadow Isabel Bryant likewise successfully completed the beginner level course.

There were a couple of mispunches (MSP) on yellow and orange courses, but clearly everyone who joined us on this beautiful blue sky day voiced very positive feedback.

Mp>Reports from various folks affirmed high quality course setting by Glen Tryson.

Finally, many many thanks to Will Kennerly for his assistance with instruction and control pick-up.

-- Rita Reed

White Course
1.910 km
Sebastian Bergstrom39:02
David Banas Group (6)36:13
Bruce/Ana O'Neill (2)37:38
Silva Tratnik & Maya (2)39:36
Ethan Hall
(Shadow Kristen)
Tommy Graham Group (2)41:00
Liz Gordon Group (3)45:08
Elizabeth Harkavy
(Shadow Isabel Bryant)
Nancy Allen Group (4)53:12
Venn Engstrom Group (4)65:59
Yellow Course
2.330 km
Terry Hatton29:31
Danielle Wilsey42:00
Liz Gordon Group (3)
2nd Course
Bruce Beesley Group (4)60:18
Doug Swank & KateHFA (MSP)
Orange Course
4.370 km
William Kennerly76:30
Dan Tam Do149:43
Johna Peachin/Ron Peters (2)126:38
Susan Gray Group (2)131:45
Dorian Solot Group (2)HFA (MSP)

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