[Empire Orienteering Club]

Five Rivers
June 11, 2006

The unusually cool weather and dark clouds are probably responsible for the low turnout in the beginner courses, standard choice for a family hike. The more advanced courses brought fierce competition. Thanks to everyone who participated defying the muddy terrain, a result of many rainy days recently.

Special thanks to Phil and Marty Hawkes-Teeter who helped me in the finish area.

-- Gabor Bobok

Check out the pictures taken by Marshall Miller.

1.6 km
Alan Silvia Family (3)
1st course
2.2 km
Amy Conway00:44:12
Bruce Beesley Group (2)01:30:20
Hassan and Omar Beesley01:34:15
3.1 km
Joanna and Bruce Shenker00:45:58
Krista Canham Family (4)00:55:29
Terry Hatton01:00:53
Annie Miller Group (3)01:04:16
Dorian Solot01:11:01
Alan Silvia Family (3)
2nd course
Jake Pasanen Group (3)01:25:10
Michael Pasanen Group (3)01:26:03
4.1 km
Ron Maniscalco01:02:41
Bob Lange01:06:00
Melissa Behr01:09:40
Sue Hawkes-Teeter01:29:24
Meredith Russell Group (2)02:13:00
4.9 km
Marty Hawkes-Teeter00:42:16
Phil Hawkes-Teeter01:02:38
Bruce Beesley01:11:16
William Kennerly01:14:17
Eric Hamilton01:34:41
Marshall Miller02:04:26

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