[Empire Orienteering Club]

Tawasentha Park Scout-O
November 4, 2006


This year's annual Scout-O event (5th annual? 6th annual? 7th annual? I'm not sure.) went beautifully, and we had a really nice day for it. The weather started out cold and cloudy, then gradually turned cool and sunny for the end. I was worried about the efficiency of the registration process, but was reassured as the day went on. From the time the scout troops got the flyer, I had phone calls and e-mails coming in, and started to worry that we wouldn't have enough organization to accommodate all the boy scouts, girl scouts and cubs, plus their leaders and parents. I devised a schedule of instruction sessions and white/yellow start times so that orienteers would be evenly spaced out during the day. The result was an even flow of scouts through the process, and zero complaints about being backed up or crowded in. One good suggestion I heard for future events was to establish a deadline for pre-registration, with which I heartily agree. Even so, there were too many scouts to fit into my planned framework, so we had to extend the schedule beyond the original noon closing. I think we probably broke the 150 mark, counting scouts and all their leaders. And as it worked out, since all the courses were either white or yellow, all the competitors were finished by around 2:00pm, which made it an early wrap-up for the meet workers, compared to a usual club meet which would have had expert courses as well.

I was ably supported by a familiar cast of characters: Sue Hawkes-Teeter was invaluable at the registration table, and even brought backup, in the form of a willing and able high-schooler, the lovely vegetarian Kayleigh Chalkowski, who set up my 50 meter pace-count course. Phil Hawkes-Teeter manned the start/finish table, and gave encouragement to all the scouts on the way out and on the way back to the finish. These were supplemented by a trio of instructors, each one looking like a combination of college professor/stand-up comic/game show host: Grant Staats, Reid Smalley, and Gabor Bobok. Reid even took the trouble to go out into the park, where he gave suggestions and pointers to the orienteers already on their courses. These three really set the tone for an enjoyable day in the woods for the kids who got to meet them.

Control pickup was a snap, performed by Reid, Gabor, Phil and myself. I was home by 3:00pm!

I extend sincere thanks to all the above, as well as to all the scout leaders who also did their parts. Everybody, young and old alike, said they had a great time, and would be back for another meet in the future. I'm sure we're all looking forward to enlarging our membership base.

-- Bob Lange

P.S.: The lost and found department (me, 456-5897) reports 3 items left behind:

  • A Timberland wool knitted cap, in 4 shades of brown.
  • A pair of Old Navy gloves, kid's large, black with yellow edging.
  • A no-name baseplate compass with yellow lanyard.
Grant Staats provides instruction.
Phil Hawkes-Teeter demonstrates his power of levitation by making a map fly up from the table, as Sue and Maureen look on skeptically.
NameNumber of ScoutsCourseTime
Abbott Group2B25:34
Emma Platek1A30:07
Manion Group 1 B41:02
Cortelyou Group4B41:25
Manion Group 2 A43:27
Haller Group A43:53
Pack 50 Group3A44:10
Scharf Group3A44:20
Ostwald Group3A45:18
Mercier Group2B47:05
Keller Group B48:43
Champagne Group3B49:00
Stroud Group3A49:56
Flint Group2B50:00
Manion Group 3 C51:35
McLean Group2A53:40
Holton Group A63:53
Gundrum Group2C65:20
Beletti Group2A75:05
Leville Group1C75:43
Brown Group3C77:12
Chew Group4C87:15
Kowalski Group C91:56
Behr Group3B29:40
Mitchell Group7A43:40
Kayleigh Chawkowski1B46:35
Behuniak Group3A48:56
Flavell Group A49:38
C. O'Neill Group4B51:40
Austin Group3B55:58
P. Ostwald Group1B60:30
Rose Group4A60:45
Bauer Group4B62:53
Furan Group1B75:45
Frink Group3B78:25
Leach Group4A85:20
Cardish Group2A86:06
J. O'Neill Group2A88:50
Berloff Group1A100:20
Gavitt Group B104:49

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