[Empire Orienteering Club]

Garnet Hill
December 31, 2006

Pierre TetraultMO01:17:29
Greg Walker Sr.MO01:18:29
Martin Donnelly-HegMO01:19:59
Randy McGarveyMO01:21:52
Sandy TetraultFO01:27:30
David HunterMM01:37:49
Ken Walker Sr.MG01:43:32
Megan Donnelly-HegFODNF
Kseniya PopovaFO01:18:05
Phil Hawkes-TeeterMG01:25:59
Ellie GeorgeFM01:27:36
Candi RainesFG01:33:22
Eric HamiltonMG01:36:42
Terry MyersFM01:36:46
Thayer RainesMG02:13:42
David ZdunczykMODNF
Marshall MillerMODNF
Nadia PopovaFG01:08:26
Allison ZdunczykFS01:44:19
Jensen Group DNF

These are the actual results. For the standings calculations, those who skied longer courses than designated for their age classes received points in the class appropriate for the course actually skied. Those who skied shorter courses were counted as DNFs in their age classes, even if the course was completed. The course assignments:

  • Red- Open Men and Women, Masters Men
  • Green- Masters Women, Grand Masters Men
  • Orange- Grand Masters Women, Male and Female Scholastic

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