[Empire Orienteering Club]

Garnet Hill
December 30, 2007

In an attempt to do something a little different for the ESG qualifier at Garnet Hill, we held a 90 minute score-o. This way all skiers could compete on the same course, but the results would still be available by class for ESG ranking purposes. In a score-o format, the 23 controls resulted in 23 factorial pairs of possible control to control route choices. That's 2.59 x 1022 possibilities!

As a further challenge, the start was at a remote location with the finish at the ski shop. The skiers arrived at an unknown spot, got their map on the clock and were immediately hit with a route choice.

Most controls were worth 1 point except that numbers 20-23 were worth 3. The overtime penalty was 3 points per minute and some people paid the price for tardiness. Cindy Gretzinger did very well with getting 15 points but was five minutes late so ended up with 0. David Zdunczyk actually had a net of minus 4. But Randy McGarvey took the biggest hit, with 21 penalty points against a raw score of 28.

Two skiers got perfect scores - 31 points - Margus Hallik and Scott Pleban with Margus edging Scott by 19 seconds.

Big thank yous are due to Betsy Hawes who arranged for permission to use our remote starting point and to Lenny Cormier of AOK made a last minute loan of the punchcards we used in the meet.

Overall Results

PlaceNameESG ClassPointsPenalty Net PointsTime
1Margus HallikMale Open310311:24:59
2Scott PlebanMale Open310311:25:18
3Adrian OwensMale Open270271:27:02
4Pierre TetreaultMale Open270271:29:59
5Ken WalkerMale Grandmaster230231:27:30
6Martin Engstrom-HegMale Open220221:22:55
7Marty Hawkes-TeeterMale Open210211:10:54
8Kati Kangro-HallikFemale Open200201:19:40
9Eric BarbehennMale Open180181:26:16
10Greg WalkerMale Open30-12181:33:10
11Eric HamiltonMale Grandmaster170171:23:50
12Nick GretzingerMale Master150151:13:42
13Kestrel OwensMale Scholastic150151:25:15
14Ellie GeorgeFemale Master140141:18:45
15Jim RussellMale Grandmaster130131:24:59
16Phil GrantMale Master130131:25:58
17Sue Hawkes-TeeterFemale Grandmaster130131:29:50
18Thayer RainesMale Grandmaster120121:26:15
19Terry MyersFemale Grandmaster110110:50:18
20Megan Donnelly-HegFemale Open110111:22:24
21Candice RainesFemale Grandmaster110111:25:45
22Casba TiszttartoMale Open100101:04:56
23Phil Hawkes-TeeterMale Grandmaster13-3101:30:31
24Randall McGarveyMale Open28-2171:36:51
25Dmitri SolovievMale Open12-661:32:00
26Betsy HawesFemale Grandmaster5051:00:03
27Verna Engstrom-HegFemale Grandmaster2021:06:02
28Cindy GretzingerFemale Master15-1501:34:54
29David ZdunczykMale Master8-12-41:33:24

By Class

PlaceNameESG ClassPointsPenalty Net PointsTime
1Kestrel OwensMale Scholastic150151:25:15
1Margus HallikMale Open310311:24:59
2Scott PlebanMale Open310311:25:18
3Adrian OwensMale Open270271:27:02
4Pierre TetreaultMale Open270271:29:59
5Martin Engstrom-HegMale Open220221:22:55
6Marty Hawkes-TeeterMale Open210211:10:54
7Eric BarbehennMale Open180181:26:16
8Greg WalkerMale Open30-12181:33:10
9Casba TiszttartoMale Open100101:04:56
10Randall McGarveyMale Open28-2171:36:51
11Dmitri SolovievMale Open12-661:32:00
1Nick GretzingerMale Master150151:13:42
2Phil GrantMale Master130131:25:58
3David ZdunczykMale Master8-12-41:33:24
1Ken WalkerMale Grandmaster230231:27:30
2Eric HamiltonMale Grandmaster170171:23:50
3Jim RussellMale Grandmaster130131:24:59
4Thayer RainesMale Grandmaster120121:26:15
5Phil Hawkes-TeeterMale Grandmaster13-3101:30:31
1Kati Kangro-HallikFemale Open200201:19:40
2Megan Donnelly-HegFemale Open110111:22:24
1Ellie GeorgeFemale Master140141:18:45
2Cindy GretzingerFemale Master15-1501:34:54
1Sue Hawkes-TeeterFemale Grandmaster130131:29:50
2Terry MyersFemale Grandmaster110110:50:18
3Candice RainesFemale Grandmaster110111:25:45
4Betsy HawesFemale Grandmaster5051:00:03
5Verna Engstrom-HegFemale Grandmaster2021:06:02

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