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Saturday, March 6, 2009
Saratoga Biathlon and Competition Center, Day, NY

This event was originally scheduled late Friday afternoon, February 26, as the inaugural event of the NYSSRA Nordic Championship weekend. Due to unmanageable snow conditions and light registration it was postponed a week.

Conditions were sunny and air temperature below freezing (car thermometer) when I arrived shortly after 9 AM. The sun steadily warmed the air and snow in the sunny areas to a wet granular surface. In shaded areas the snow remained firm and fast. When I left in mid-afternoon the air temperature was into the forties.

As course setter I like to see the different route choices carved in the snow as I pick up controls. The snow in the woods was so crusty and unforgiving that there was little clue, if any, where participants had bushwacked. I felt cheated. I did find where Curt Schreiner took a short cut while raking loose trail snow during the Championship weekend.

I was a bit disappointed at the low turn out. A couple of the participants mentioned that they might have been just "Ski Oed Out" with the U S Champs in Vermont; the Empire State Games; and the Snowgaine. But we did pick up a couple of new friends who might try future ski orienteering events.

The medals made an interesting touch. If we had another male master we would not have had enough to go around! The spring teaser weather coupled with perfect snow conditions made the event an ideal way to end the season.

Thanks to Curt Schreiner for the excellent grooming, to Betty Schreiner for the fine home cooked soups and other concessions, and to Jim Schreiner, Jr for keeping the soups hot. And thanks to the competitors who made it out for a great end of season event. I hope to see more of you next year at the NYSSRA - Nordic Championships and the Club Championships of N Y State where ever they are held. Old Forge's McCauley Mountain would be a fantastic venue.

- Eric Hamilton

Club Championships Tally

 participants # of classes1st place finishes 2nd place 3rd place Total Points

Club Championships, for bragging rights, are figured by adding 3 points for every first place finish, 2 for second place finishes, and 1 point for 3rd. Your club also garners one point for each unique age group finish up to the 8 age groups.

YELLOW - 8 controls, ~3.5 k skiing distance
Tyra WynnFSSaratoga36:27 Gold
Sue Hawkes-TeeterFGEMPO75:13 Gold
GREEN - 12 controls, ~7 k
Phil Hawkes-TeeterMGEMPO47:43 Gold
Ellie GeorgeFOAOK61:30 Gold
RED - 15 Controls, ~11 k
Doug SwankMMEMPO59:33 Gold
Pat ClancyMOSaratoga70:26 Gold
Eric SmithMMCNYO77:44 Silver
Andy ChillrudMMEMPO79:37 Bronze

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