[Empire Orienteering Club]

Norray Farm
June 2, 1996

On a beautiful, sunny, warm day, an intrepid group of orienteers made the trek into the Hilltowns and tackled the courses set on Norray Farm. This map is set on the farm owned by Jack Norray, Senior, and the grounds around the nearby home of Jack Norray, Junior. Jack Jr. did the fieldwork a few years ago, and Bill Jameson produced the map, which is in three colors (black, brown, white). This type of printing keeps the cost down, but avoids the major problem of black & white maps, which is confusion of trails versus contours. Because it's a relatively smaller area, the longer courses had to crisscross themselves somewhat, but despite the warm temperatures and relatively thick vegetation in places, most made it to the end, and all seemed to enjoy the challenge.
White 1.2k
Gary Emery Group 46:13
Katie Choiniere Group 48:03
Jack Norray(III) & Anders Hodgdon 48:24
Terry Freedland Group 68:10
Yellow 2.4k
Marty Hawkes-Teeter 31:40
Fred Gipp Group 54:54
B.J. Todd Group 55:46
Robert Tryson Group 75:38
Steve Helmer DSQ
Orange 3.9k
Bob Morris 145:13
Karen Norray DSQ
Green 4.4k
Robert Reed 91:03
Sue Hawkes-Teeter 113:48
Cynthia Johnson 141:12
Robert Lange 163:40
Dave Hodgdon DNF
Red 5.8k
Glen Tryson 75:53
Janet Tryson 107:33
Rich Ruh 113:14
Robert Vienneau 147:30
John Beatty DNF

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