[Empire Orienteering Club]

Thacher State Park
May 18, 1997

Notes from the meet director (Phil Hawkes-Teeter):
I guess maybe I overdid it a bit, once again. Results on White and Orange seem appropriate, and Red was only a bit high (10-15 minutes?), but Yellow and Green seem to have been too difficult. For the Green I can maybe blame the map. It just never occurred to me that the lack of a trail indication in the "Open" corridor going up the hill would seem so confusing to so many people. On the Yellow, I think I needed more controls, because a couple of legs (#2 & #4) were too long for this level, where distance judging is not too well advanced. Well, I keep learning. I think almost everyone still really did "Have Fun Anyway." And for a change we got the nicest day out of many for our event. Didn't lose any flags either. Sorry if I have any names spelled wrong. See you in June at Vischer Ferry, if not before.
White Course
John Birtwistle Group54:15
Rob Tryson55:08
Minerva Campbell56:30
Molly Stemple85:47
Steven Peroz Group97:30
Mary Donahue Group104:00
Gary EmeryHFA
Yellow Course
Marty Hawkes-Teeter40:00
Gipp Family Group122:55
Katie Choiniere Group156:10
Judy Farrar GroupHFA
Lori ZipkinHFA
Jason NorrayHFA
Orange Course
Greg Tryson78:20
Julie Stenken123:20
Rauhauser Family Group139:34
Robin Smith151:10
Green Course
Janet Tryson117:22
Robert Lange163:40
Rita Reed167:17
Morris/Mincsak GroupHFA
Sue Hawkes-TeeterHFA
Red Course
Glen Tryson96:13
Robert Reed99:43
John BeattyHFA

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