[Empire Orienteering Club]

Vischer Ferry Preserve
June 14, 1997

Notes from the meet director (Eric Hamilton):
The ideal weather: clear, sunny and temperatures around 70 made this meet a stark contrast to the usual conditions I experience when hosting a meet. The weather I usually am dealt is wind driven rain; severe floods; or a blizzard no matter if it's a ski or running O. Times for each of these courses were longer than usual. It was impossible not to get distracted by Nature's splendor.

This is an excellent time of the year to see all the wildlife. Amphibians, crustaceans, reptiles birds were abundant. As I set the red course I flushed out a family of Canadian geese and six goslings and watched an English sparrow flutter off into the underbrush faking a broken wing to attract the intruders attention away from her nest. Add to this all the wild flowers in bloom and a dusting of cottonwood seeds thick enough in spots to ski on (almost), it made a beautiful picture. It was unfortunate that the bird population was no able to keep ahead of the deer flies!

Course Vetting: John Beatty
Course Setting: Eric Hamilton

White Course
7 controls, 2.4k
Kornak/Touhey Group16:10
Michael George & Dad22:47
Tryson/Curtiss Group54:40
James Torriani37:55
Yellow Course
8 controls, 3.9k
Matt George24:48
Marty Hawkes-Teeter33:17
Roadkill Group58:55
Irishmen Group85:34
Soohoo Group87:50
Orange Course
9 controls, 5.1k
Tom Chambers40:33
Janet Tryson 46:41
Greg Tryson 57:23
Julie Stenken61:50
Robert Lange 63:45
Sue Hawkes-Teeter 64:33
Red Course
12 controls, 6.2k
(1.5k of nettles)
Phil Hawkes-Teeter67:07
Glen Tryson68:18
Matt George106:00

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