[Empire Orienteering Club]

Grafton Lakes State Park
October 19, 1997

Note: The numbers in parentheses after a name in the table indicate the number of controls the person actually visited.
18 controls
Michael Olson68:52
Phil Hawkes-Teeter75:35
Pat Dunlavey80:24
Juha Heinonen80:52
Robert Reed89:41
Tom Temple91:15
John Beatty105:50
Dave Webber116:15
18 controls
Kristin Olson116:29
Rita Reed147:07
15 controls Greg Tryson85:40
Eric Hamilton (16)117:34
11 controls Rick Kline Group57:46
Cynthia Johnson76:13
John Tomczyk Group77:58
Sue Hawkes-Teeter91:55
Nancy Allen, Len Cormier (13)112:20
Bob Morris Group114:48
Robert Lange115:09
Peter Weykamp Group118:00
Thomas Dvorsky Group118:00
Dick Curtis Group (13)127:06
Sally Gordon Group135:27
7 controls Robert Tryson51:23
Larry Turner (8)60:03
Dunlavey Family (8)77:10
James Cyphers (8)88:10
Steve Perog Family93:37
Carol Smith Group102:45
Brea Barthel Group (8)121:00
David Green Group (9)142:05

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