[Empire Orienteering Club]

Saratoga Biathlon
January 4, 1998

Weather: Cloudy, calm, drizzle, high 30s falling to 27, over 12" of loose wet granular snow that packed as you skied.

Many thanks to Jim Schreiner, Gary Metzler and Zack Metzler for trail grooming; Mark Hopper for start and finish line; Steven Sweet, Sr., map swap and results; Scott Pleban and Matt George control pickup; and Betty Schreiner and Candice Bosworth refreshment stand.

-Eric Hamilton, meet director.
4.8k, 9 controls
Female Scholastic Leona Kutsko39:56
Berkley Leach40:57
Kirby Webster48:53
Briana Payne53:10
Jessica Ritz53:16
Bridget McCann57:20
Taylor Leach80:06
6.1k, 11 controls
Male Scholastic Matt George47:12
Martin Hawkes-Teeter59:37
Steven Sweet60:00
Bill Tormey73:13
Mark PepperDNF
Female Master Susan Hawkes-Teeter67:07
Ellie George74:23
Nancy Allen89:52
Recreational Farr/James Team65:55
7.5k, 13 controls
Female Open Sandy Stripp32:08
Candi Raines74:11
Male Master Phil Hawkes-Teeter45:48
Leonard Cormier52:45
Recreational (second course) Matt George31:44
8.9k, 17 controls and map swap
Male Open Scott Pleban42:06
Larry Costantino54:43
Aims Coney78:13
Tom Chambers87:39
John Tomczyk102:39

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