[Empire Orienteering Club]

Blueberry Hill
May 9, 1998

Weather - mid 60's, occasional showers
Meet Directors - Glen and Janet Tryson
Course Setter - Glen Tryson
Canopy Set-up - John Beatty, Eric Hamilton and Matt George
Control Flag Pick-up - Phil and Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Rob Tryson

At the start of the week before Blueberry Hill, we were unsure whether the Pine Bush Commission was going to have a planned burn in the area. The rainy turn to the end of the week, however, postponed the burn, and our event went off as planned.

Numerous changes to the trail network since the map was last used were noted on a scanned/altered version of the map, which we feel was more readable than a marked-up copy of the old map would have been.

Courses offered were the usual White, Yellow and Orange; Red offered a "twist." Red course runners copied control locations on their maps, noting the control codes rather than a sequence of numbers for each location. The starter then told them which control to visit first; each control had a streamer telling them which control to visit next. Their clue sheets carried only control codes and description, with no sequence given ahead of time.

A "Green" course was accidentally added when the starter gave an incorrect first control code to a red course runner.

1.7k, 50m climb, 7 controls
Brian Rose
(second course)
Rob Tryson27:10
Kathleen & Linda Rose29:58
2.3k, 60m climb, 7 controls
Rob Tryson
(second course)
Brian Rose33:56
Gary Emery38:14
Mark Miller group62:10
Dan Choinier group62:42
Sally Goddard group69:21
4.1k, 105m climb, 11 controls
Matt George64:35
Marty Hawkes-Teeter76:38
Jim & Steve Rose80:32
Eric Hamilton87:00
Schwarting group97:15
9 controls
Sue Hawkes-Teeter107:58
6.2k, 145m climb, 12 controls
Phil Hawkes-Teeter71:47
Janet Tryson87:24
Greg Tryson113:07
Robert Lange148:44
John BeattyHFA

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