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Empire State Games
February 27, 1999

The Empire State Winter Games Ski-Orienteering competition was held this year on Saturday February 27th, near Lake Placid, New York. The venue was the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Olympic Cross Country Ski Complex. Ski-O was one of the many winter sporting events ... others included downhill, cross country, jumping, snowshoe, biathlon, and bobsled.

We were fortunate that there was just enough snow, just in time, for our event. On the day of the event, the weather was picture perfect, with sunny blue skies, a light breeze, and temperatures in the 30's.

Eric Hamilton set three courses for us, a long Blue at 13.1km / 7 controls, a long Red at 8.9 km / 6 controls, and a long Green at 5.1km / 6 controls. The courses were well recieved. Due to a Biathlon race series that week, we stayed on the south side of the venue, which turned out to be the better side, snow-wise, on race day ... a lucky turn of events for us. ORDA (the Olympic Regional Development Authority) kept our snow well groomed, with machine raking, grading, and tracking ... and it was fast.

Dave and Lynn Grandjean did an excellent job with the starts / finishes / timing (mom and dad of Sue, who was a Ski-O athlete a few years ago). Phil Hawkes-Teeter prepared the New York points list for Ski-O, and the start order. Dayle Lavine brought refreshments and Rick Lavine and others helped with results. Tom and Carol Moran did registration, Carol is the Ski-O chairperson to NYSSRA (N Y State Ski Racing Association) and coordinated with ESG, and Tom organized the meet and was Meet Director.

-- Tom Moran, meet director

Male OpenBlue - 13k 
Graham Baird54:41Gold
Owen Baird55:13Silver
Gary Brackett55:49Bronze
Larry Costantino57:08 
Steve Halasz61:57 
Jon Sundquist69:28 
Charles Leonard80:13 
Eric Smith98:03 
Randy McGarvey102:48 
Mike OlsonDNS 
Scott PlebanDNS 
Female OpenRed - 8.9k 
Heather Barker56:12Gold
Ann Leonard69:13Silver
Candice Raines83:23Exhibition
Male MasterRed - 8.9k 
Aims Coney48:46Gold
Phil Hawkes-Teeter52:47Silver
Rick Lavine67:16Bronze
Doug Brooks70:02 
Tob deBoer73.33 
Steve Sweet73:09 
Mitch Hansen74:50 
Ed Kobos78:57 
Tom Moran99:36 
Bob Engstrom-Heg120:13 
Mike SkellyDNS 
Pete Dady53:45Exhibition
Thayer Raines80:36Exhibition
Female MasterGreen - 5.1k 
Dayle Lavine31:25Gold
Ellie George37:10Silver
Nancy Allen42:52Bronze
Pege Brooks45:56 
Carol Moran55:30 
Sue Hawkes-Teeter55:47 
Verna Engstrom-Heg76:07 
Barb SleightDNS 
Male ScholasticGreen - 5.1k 
Matt George18:06Gold
Chris Colquitt18:26Silver
Michael Waterhouse19:17Bronze
Steve Sweet II24:34 
Marty Hawkes-Teeter31:11 
Willem Oswald33:28 
Scott Conway35:00 
Sean KobosDNS 
Female ScholasticGreen - 5.1k 
Erin Colquitt29:27Gold
Melissa George52:59Silver
Jenna Colquitt86:41Bronze

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