[Empire Orienteering Club]

Norray Farm
April 3, 1999

We were lucky. It's a bit risky to host an orienteering meet in the Helderbergs in early April, but we fortunate to have day that was dry, partly sunny, and relatively mild (about 60 degrees). A super day to run, and to chat afterwards. The trails were still a bit muddy, but had dried considerably from a week before when some were still raging streams from the snow melt. Including all the members of the groups, there were about 50 participants. Not bad for the Saturday of Easter weekend, when the weather forecast had been for rain. Several members of the newly-formed BKW (Berne-Knox-Westerlo) Orienteering Club, after some training on the BKW school grounds, came out to try their hands at a "real" orienteering course, and did quite well. Altogether, a fine start to a fine season.

-- Susan Hawkes-Teeter

White Course - 1.6k 30m 6 Controls  Orange Course - 4.1k 105m 9 Controls
Solo  Marty Hawkes-Teeter50:34
Kris Geist19:49  Bryan Sweet74:53
Rob Tryson37:20  Cynthia Johnson84:09
Ashley Willsey42:00  Provost Group121:53
Group  Jim Rose GroupHFA
Andrew Haverly Group23:40  Choiniere FamilyHFA
Wilson Family33:00   
Hatfield Family39:14  Green Course - 5.3k 105m 10 Controls
Kathleen Rose Group42:00  Robert Reed72:50
Sarah Levine Group52:05  Rita Reed89:05
Doug Peck/Steve Kehoe57:00  Dick Curtis161:37
O'Neill Family63:00   
   Red Course - 6.3k 155m 13 Controls
Yellow Course - 2.0k 55m 7 Controls  Glen Tryson67:17
Kris Geist19:40  Steve Sweet Jr.76:57
Rob Tryson34:33  Steve Sweet Sr.83:06
Jack Norray36:49  David Levine83:52
Jodi Wood39:14  Eric Hamilton85:05
Joanne Sweet39:28  Janet Tryson88:50
Jason Norray45:50  Robert Przedwiecki96:25
   Robert Lange130:48
   Kevin MatochaHFA

Janet Tryson

Kris Geist

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