[Empire Orienteering Club]

Grafton Lakes State Park
May 23, 1999

We had a good turnout of 67 participants on an overcast but warm (~70 degrees) day, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Those who got out and finished early stayed dry, though later starters finished in showers. Unfortunately, those picking up controls got seriously wet. The white and yellow courses were set using different parts of the map, so those who felt they had mastered the beginner course were able to further develop their skills on yellow. The Orange and higher courses went around Long Pond, making them a bit long as the results reflect. The woods at Grafton are not very fast, with lots of uneven, rocky ground and lots of low branches. A shorter Brown course was offered, but there were no takers. Thanks to the following people for helping out: Rob, Greg and Janet Tryson, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Heather Williams, and Rob and Rita Reed (who got very wet picking up controls).

-- Glen Tryson

1.3 km, 30 m climb, 6 controls
4.5 km, 80 m climb, 8 controls
Rob Tryson0:10:48  Bryan Sweet Group1:42:36
Maria Dunlavey Group0:17:31  Haggerty/Zayicek Group1:47:26
Sara Forest Group0:17:58  Rob Ross1:53:58
Katie O'Neil Group0:18:18  Priscilla Cassidy*2:29:02
Marci Kolyvek Group0:20:33  Katie O'Neil Group*2:43:00
Deirdre Jameson Group0:20:34  Jeremy O'Neil*HFA
Crystal Bolio Group0:21:08   
Bridget Bolio0:21:25  Green
5.3 km, 105 m climb, 12 controls
Gary Emery0:21:55  Pat Dunlavey1:01:29
Bobbie O'Neil0:24:21  Janet Tryson1:43:43
Perog family (Group)0:25:00  Laszlo Kolyvek1:59:15
Bernie Blair Group0:30:00  Greg Tryson2:41:10
Everett Lillie Group0:30:25  Rita ReedHFA
Jamie Kennedy Group0:30:58   
Robert Dewey Group0:33:09  Red
6.9 km, 110 m climb, 12 controls
Bruce & Daria O'Neill0:35:40  Claus Borsting1:09:05
   Phil Hawkes-Teeter1:29:00
2.2 km, 40 m climb, 8 controls
  Steve Sweet II1:51:45
Jeremy O'Neil0:25:04  Steve Sweet1:56:03
Rob Tryson*0:28:00  Robert Lange2:06:15
Terri LeChevet Group0:28:06  Eric Hamilton2:14:12
Katie O'Neil Group*0:31:14  Kevin Matocha2:15:58
Priscilla Cassidy0:40:08  Cynthia Johnson2:33:40
Bernie Blair Group*0:50:50   
Chuck & Ellen Kieweg0:51:42   
Joanne Sweet0:55:48   
Jamie Kennedy Group*1:34:08   

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