[Empire Orienteering Club]

Kinns Road Park
June 19, 1999

It was a beautiful, pleasantly warm day in June. There was no humidity, and the bugs were not too bad - it has not rained much for a while - but folks still got muddy on the red and green courses. Those who know Kinns Road know that the stream is always muddy, even when it's dry.

There was a sweep by EMPO on all five courses. The Tryson family, in fact, won the white, green and red courses - I told them I wanted a red Miata for the fix. Ha, ha! A very good showing on the orange and red courses by old and new friends made for an enjoyable day, in spite of a rather embarrassing miss-designation of a control feature on the orange, green and red courses (JY) by the meet director. Most found it anyway, and then let me know about it afterwards! I still can't figure out how it happened (maybe it was because this was my first time using the "Clue" computer program), but I'm pretty sure everyone still had fun.

Many thanks to the Tryson and Hawkes-Teeter families for control pick up, and special thanks to Eric Hamilton for vetting at 6:30 AM. Loved the fig newtons. He found them all. Most everyone else did too. See you in the fall.

-- John S. Beatty

2.0K 7 Controls
4.73K 13 Controls
Rob Tryson (empo)23:28   Janet Tryson (empo)68:54
Jack Whitehead Group38:28   Sue Hawkes-Teeter (empo)DNF
Kim Curtis Group41:10    
5.8K 14 Controls
2.65K 9 Controls
  Glen Tryson (empo)67:10
Jodi Wood (empo)47:59   Phil Hawkes-Teeter (empo)69:10
Mark Miller Group65:30   Steven Sweet Jr. (empo)78:57
Bruce/Daria O'Neill (empo)69:15   Eric Hamilton (empo)98:05
    Steven Sweet Sr. (empo)99:24
3.225K 11 Controls
  Kevin Matocha (empo)121:41
Marty Hawkes-Teeter (empo)34:38   Robert M. Lange (empo)125:29
Brian Sweet (empo)37:08   Claus Borsting (empo)DNF (65:07)
Ron Jackson54:51    
Daniel Schwarting56:40    
Steven & Jim Rose (empo)58:36    
Joanne Sweet (empo)62:00    
Terri Le Chevet Group65:36    
Steve JacksonDNF (122:00)    

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