[Empire Orienteering Club]

Lapland Lake
October 16, 1999

Was it sleet or a hint of snow in the air on Thursday morning as I set out controls for the October 16 mountain bike orienteering event? There was no mistaking the cold bitter wind as a preview of the coming season.

But by Saturday the weather had moderated to a beautiful Indian summer day: clear with temperatures in the 60s. The ski trails at Lapland Lake were all immaculately, cleared and mowed. There were a couple of wet spots remaining from the rain early in the week.

We had a total of 18 people participate, including three groups of very enthusiastic first timers from Indian Lake School District.

No matter whether you are a top international competitor or just trying it the first time, it always surprises me how each finisher will grab a fellow competitor and compare route choice decisions before they've hardly caught their breath!

I was disappointed that there was not a larger turnout with all the publicity that Ann Hirvonen had managed to garner from all kinds of outlets from tourist bureaus to local papers in the northeast. I had tried my best to reach the Mohawk Hudson Cycling Club and the area ski-O crowd as well as the usual EMPO newsletter.

I would like to thank Steve Sweet for his help with the start/finish area. I find it amazing how he can subtract times with so many distractions. I'm also grateful to the crowd from Indian Lake, Steve Sweet, Scott Pleban and Pam Flynn who helped bring in the controls.

-- Eric Hamilton

  Mtn Bike-O * Foot-O **
white 5.6k, 9 controls, 100m climb 3.0k, 9 controls, 60m climb
(no competitors) Hopson (group)87:10
Griffin (group)104:50
James Cyphers118:45
Karen Norray140:45
Wilson (group)144:36
Cathy MatarazzoHFA
yellow 8.5k, 15 controls, 140m climb 4.4k, 9 controls, 100m climb
Priscilla Cassidy169:15 Rich Stone49:26
Jack Norray194:08 Julie Stenken133:50
brown NA 6.4k, 15 controls, 140m climb
Claus Borsting59:16
red 11.5k, 24 controls, 200m climb, map swap NA
(no competitors)
blue 14.1k, 24 controls, 240m climb, map swap NA
Scott Pleban109:15

* distance measured along course setter's route on mtn bike
** distance 'as the crow flies' for foot courses

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