[Empire Orienteering Club]

Colonie Town Park
November 7, 1999

As we begin to engage in our preparatory tasks, we wonder how this meet will compare with our first attempt at meet directorship in the summer of '98 at Peebles Island (a wet day with low turnout). As we draw close to the 7th, the forecast is for a dry, but cool, windy day. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for NO RAIN! And the day turns out to be as the weatherman says. A bit chilly -- refreshing for swift moving runners and a good incentive for motion for slower moving participants. And the weather doesn't deter attendance it seems. Registration logs in 75 orienteers of all ages.

With setting courses for the first time, we are curious as to the constructive perceptions of the participants of all levels. The courses, with the limitations of a small park, are received very well. In particular, yellow and orange runners express the enjoyment of "fun courses" (and knowing that people are having fun in the woods is the rewarding piece for all the hours of preparation!) Scout groups identify that this is a good learning experience, and want to be notified of upcoming meet information. An experienced orienteer, Claus Borsting, identifies a transcription error on the red course, discerning that a control location has inadvertently been mismarked on that course's 2nd map. Corrections are made for all subsequent runners for this course, and Claus' time is adjusted accordingly (even without the 1 minute subtraction, he would still have had the fastest time!)

Many thanks to Club members for a team effort: Phil Hawkes-Teeter for field checking and OCAD expertise and thereby creating an updated color version of the 1980 Black and White Colonie Town Park map; John Beatty for start and finish support, and for giving instructions to inexperienced groups; Janet for obtaining trophies; Janet, Glen, and Rob Tryson for arriving early and making sure we have our act together; and to Rob, Marty, Eric, Phil, Glen, Claus, and Scott P. for bag pick-up.

-- Rob & Rita Reed

White Course
2.2k, 27m, 12 controls
Rob Tryson19:23M-12
Rene Lipatas-Stellato Group 2 26:14 
Kathleen & Linda Rose 30:20 
Liz Gee Group 30:26 
R.M. Lange Group 32:20 
Rene Lipatas-Stellato Group 1 32:36 
Carolyn Moore & Girl Scout Troop 372 45:05 
Chris Utter & Girl Scout Troop 372 45:30 
Wendy Burkowski 45:57 
Marci Kolyvek Group 62:40 
Yellow Course
3.28k, 63m, 11 controls
Agnes Hunyady 31:34 
Rob Tryson (2nd course) 40:47 
Laurie McGill Group 50:36 
Michelle Barnes Group 57:20 
Liz Gee Group (2nd course) 59:29 
Perog Group 59:30 
Susan Keene Group 80:44 
James Torriani 94:04 
O'Neill Group 96:37 
Orange Course
4.8k, 96m, 11 controls
Marty Hawkes-Teeter 56:00M-18
Steven Rose 65:19 
Bob Morris Group 89:48 
Brian Rose104:58 
Scott Bard Group159:37 
Green Course
6.2k, 111m, 13 controls
Steve Sweet JR. 50:05M-20
Steve Sweet SR. 63:22 
Janet Tryson 65:35F35-
Bryan Sweet 81:50 
Sue Hawkes-Teeter 95:45F45-
Red Course
8.4k, 168m, 19 controls
Claus Borsting 54:54M21-
Phil Hawkes-Teeter 62:08M45-
Glen Tryson 63:00 
Laszlo Kolyvek 68:20 
Eric Hamilton106:46 
Scott PlebanDSQ 

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